Sigma Minerals

Sigma The Coherent Summation

We are Self –Motivated. We are passionate about our work. We are Sigma Minerals Limited.

Today, Sigma has successfully completed 40 years of its prolific and self motivated operation with strong consideration of its 3 verticals viz. Transparency, Ownership and Accountability. The company has established its distinct brand identity in the field of Hydrated Lime, Quick Lime and Lime Powder and is the first company to acquire certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 amongst the Lime counterparts in the country.

With fine knowledge of professional experts and age long experience in Industry, we are proud to be the only organization in India established with a complete integrated setup of limestone mines, Lime kilns and Hydrated Lime plants which contributes on a large scale to meet the required quantity and quality of the market at cut throat prices.

We at Sigma persistently aspire to retain the benchmark of quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct which contribute in making us a pioneer and renowned lime brand in India.

For years we have consolidated our position globally in mission of offering our customer abundant quality service. We intend to purge all distractions that interfere in our business. We concentrate on establishing credibility, building relationships and execute our plans to perfection in our venture to provide outstanding service. Last but not the least, we endeavor to maintain a never- ending relationship with our honored clients.

Works Units

Unit 1

No. of Plants: 4
No. of Kilns:9
Village : Khejarla
Tehsil : Bilara
District : Jodhpur
Area : 1,20,000 square metres

Unit 2

No. of Plants: 3
No. of Kilns:11
Village : Basni Harisingh
Tehsil : Bhopalgarh
District : Jodhpur
Area : 40,000 square meters

Unit 3 & 4

2 Modern Lime Kilns of Italian Technology of 300 tpd each
Village : Basni Harisingh
Tehsil : Bhopalgarh
District : Jodhpur
Area : 2,50,000 square meters


Village : Sambharia
Tehsil : Bilara
District : Jodhpur
Area : 6 Hectares

Village : Manakpur
Tehsil : Nagaur
District : Nagaur
Area : 4 Hectares

Village : Bhavanda
Tehsil : Khimsar
District : Nagaur
Area: 2.6 Hectares