Corporate Responsibility

  • Initiating Libraries for schools in remote areas.
  • Distribution of white cum green boards in government school.
  • Promoting publication and/or distribution of books on energy conservation, literature and public awareness.
  • Promoting magazines on health spirituality and general empowerment for schools, group and individuals (Life subscription/Team subscription).
  • Promoting Natural health Hygiene, Yoga, Pranayam at individual level, groups level, institutional level and school level.
  • Organizing Health check up Camps, Dental Checkup Camps in Rural Areas.
  • Educating about, and giving incentives for family planning.
  • Providing various accessories for physically handicapped in different schools.
  • Providing life saving equipment in various government hospitals.
  • Promoting Tree plantation.
  • Assistance in water harvesting projects at individual, institutional and village level.
  • Providing services for matrimonial alliances extensively.
  • Creation of Family Grievance cells and resolving family grievance at individual levels also.
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