Life At
Sigma Minerals Ltd

Life At Sigma Minerals Ltd

Sigma believes in Holistic development of all the people associated with it. We continuously work upon Vendor Development and advancement. Towards Society, we fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility. And for our Employees we have ‘Employee Development Program’ running during the year.

Under the Employee Engagement, we organize activities like Birthday Celebrations, New Year Bash, Sports Day, Picnic, Holi and Diwali Celebration at our Head Office in Jodhpur. For our Employees at Plant we organize events like Fruit Day, Sports Day, ‘Jaagran and Prasaadi’.

To take care of the Learning and Development of the Employees, we organize, Annual Training Program. These Trainings are based on the functional and role based needs of the Employees. It comprises of module based workshops and concentrated sessions. Trainings are evaluated with ‘Pre-Training and Post-Training Evaluation’. And we also help assess our Trainer and these Training Programs with ‘Feedback Forms’. We facilitate our Employees with opportunities to learn and develop their skills in the growing industrial competition and we provide them various platforms during the year to meet informally, interact, celebrate and enjoy together, to strengthen the bond of Sigma Family.