Employee Engagement Programs

Our Employees have always been our powerhouse for stimulating the energy to mobilize our goals into realities. Their wellbeing & development remained a priority since our inception. Our continuous culture binding efforts resulted in crafting a vast spectrum of events & activities for our employees throughout the year. We don’t just believe in engaging, we believe in associating, we believe in creating bonds wrapped in fun & learning. We are one of those rare organizations, where every department is a part of organizing ingenious activities & events under our Employee Engagement Programs. From New Year Celebrations to Picnics, from Sports days to festivals, every event is a celebration of our bonds and team spirits.

Trainings & Development

Under our Trainings & Development initiatives, we have our own certified trainers, recognized from elite institutes & societies, passing insights in this constantly changing corporate ecosphere. Our internal training program, ‘Development Hour’ gave our employees a platform to showcase, share & refine their skills in the arenas of personality development, communication & other managerial as well as executive levels. Our training designers make sure that the best of our employees come out and a learning mindset develops during such sessions. Apart from our internal training initiatives, our tie ups with eminent speakers and trainers facilitates our ‘Annual Training Program’ imbibed with valuable streams of learnings every year. Every year our Annual Training program focuses on a diverse yet innovative concept of learning, some of them being ‘Succeed’, ‘Enhance’, ‘Elevate’, ‘Step Up’ and this year, BULB.