Building a Better World Together

We actively engage in initiatives that make a positive impact on society and the environment. From supporting local communities to implementing sustainable practices, we strive to be responsible corporate citizens, fostering a better future for all.

CSR Policy

Environmental Care

Understanding the criticality of Global Warming, we are planting trees in nearby areas and schools. In the previous year, we planted around 3,500 trees. 30% of the water we use is recharged through water harvesting.

Promoting Education

We actively contribute to the educational field by providing underprivileged students with desks, books, projectors, boards, and scholarships. We have provided projectors, white boards & green boards in the nearby government schools. Every year, specially-abled children are adopted, and we care for their education and basic amenities. Also, we have built the necessary infrastructure for Gandhi Badhir School, which intakes such children and provides them with education.

Supporting Healthcare

We are one of the Rotary Blood Bank founding members at Jodhpur and take care of free blood transfusion for Thalassemia patients. We are organizing Blood Donation Camps and Health Checkup Camps, especially in remote and rural areas. We have also provided life-saving equipment like Dialysis Units in hospitals. We have extensively worked with the local administration for COVID 19 relief.

Energy Management

30% of our electricity needs are fulfilled from renewable sources like Solar Power and Wind Power.

Ethical Practices and Social Impacts

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the boundaries of our operations as we continually seek to add value to our associates by advancing knowledge and improving lives. Identified issues are assessed based on their relevance to Sigma and their impact on economic, environmental and social aspects. Our efforts are focused on our strategic pillars for sustainability: energy management, environmental care, supporting healthcare, and promoting education. The key activities undertaken for each strategic pillar add to our progress in reducing our environmental impact and contribute to society by investing in meaningful projects.

Recent Activities