Sigma Minerals

Sigma Minerals Limited strives to be a symbol of quality. We commit ourselves to maintain unmatched quality in every aspect. We aim to satisfy our customers, leaving no room for any short-comings and to exceed their expectations to ensure we stay at the pinnacle of the market. We aim not only to be the best hydrated lime and Quick Lime manufacturers in India, but the entire world.

Quality Assurance

All our plants are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified and all of our products are checked at each stage through individual laboratories at respective plants. The Controlling is done by a central laboratory. Implementation of quality assurance policy requires active participation by our entire staff. With this aim in mind, we have committed ourselves to:

  • Establishing the necessary system to monitor the performance at micro level.
  • Listening to what our customers have to say and implementing them to constantly better our services.
  • Motivating and ensuring that every staff member shares the desire for perfection in quality in their day to day work.
  • We wish and aim to maintain full confidence of our customers.

Research and Development

The R&D focus has been industry centric; steered by technical competence, and catering to domestic markets in the Indian subcontinent, the company has spotlighted development of industrial and allied solutions (with reference to lime) to achieve greater cost efficiency in production processes.

Lime and Limestone, key company offerings, are indeed pegged as integral to industry’s survival. Hence the effort has been to customize concentrations of lime such that each and every industrial segment finds it the best-cost raw material.